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What Technology is Eating Your Lunch?


This is my grandfather's camera.  I keep it because it's sentimental, not because I want to use the technology.
This is my grandfather’s camera. I keep it because it’s sentimental, not because I want to use the technology.

Most of us know the story of Kodak.  The company was a powerhouse.  It was founded in 1888, and for about 100 years, was THE company you thought of when you thought of cameras, or film, or photography.   I still have my grandfather’s Brownie camera (that’s it in the photo).  My brother has my dad’s, the one he used to take pictures during the Korean War.

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The Self-Motivating Power of Deadlines

Ever have a day when you don’t have any deadlines?  If it only happens occasionally, you’ll feel blessed to have a day to catch up on a few things.  But there’s a hidden lesson here:  without client- or boss-driven deadlines, it’s often hard to get started.

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Working in the Matrix (Organization)

Centuries ago, there were landowners (managers) and there were peasants (workers).  That management structured worked up until roughly ten years ago, when we began to see the rapid move toward the “matrix organization”.

I know… it already sounds like I’m skeptical of the matrix.  I’m not.  But I’ve seen it plenty.  And it doesn’t always work as well as it could.

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