About Us

RemarkableIdea.Com is operated by The New Company, as a repository of great ideas and why they work.  We started the blog in May of 2013 to address a variety of topics of interest to owner and founder Amy Roffmann New

Amy is a process innovator, who has led teams around the world to innovate, improve and sustain their business processes.  She is a voracious reader who is simply interested in knowing more about the world, but likes to write about ideas in a few broad topic areas:

  • Management – This is about how business manages, or in many cases, how they should manage.
  • Leadership – Slightly different from “management”, leadership is about how anyone can develop influence and use it to improve the world around them.
  • Responsibility – A real hot button here; topics on how to take more responsibility for yourself and how to know what you’re really responsible for.
  • Sustainability – This is Amy’s favorite topic, about using careful and efficient processes to save the earth.
  • Efficiency – We’re big fans of leisure around here, so we spend a lot of time thinking about the most efficient way to do everything.  Our motto is “do more with less”… More products, services, information, using less time, less money, less resources, less effort.
  • Technology – You can’t cover “remarkable ideas” without commenting on the ultra-cool innovations in the technology world.
  • Other Stuff – Sometimes, a remarkable idea arises in politics or culture or design or something we never thought of before.  So we cover those topics too, when the mood strikes us.

Want to know more?   We pay attention to comments left on the blog, so feel free to give us a shout there.  Amy Roffmann New can be found on twitter @AmyRNew, or via her profile at LinkedIn, and The New Company is always happy to hear from potential clients at info@thenewco.com.

Thanks for checking in!  We hope to see you again soon.