Are We Forgetting How to Discover?


Have we become a society that doesn’t know how to discover anymore?  When I go online, Google serves up what I’m looking for before I really understand that I’m looking for it.  It’s creepy, and thrilling.

I just watched “Her” the other day.  (I know I’m running behind, but I have a boyfriend who only uses the cool dark confines of a movie theater to catch a nap.  As a result, I often fall prey to the beckoning Redbox kiosk that sits patiently at the end of the checkout inside my local Safeway.)  In the movie, the Siri-like voice on the cell phone anticipates needs – a richer experience than Google offers in my search results, but similar.
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Want People to Help You? Learn to Respond Well…

Gratitude SignWe all need a little help sometimes.  There are moments where all it takes is a small assist.  Other times, you need lots of resources to get you out of a dark, deep hole.  Sometimes, it feels like help is hard to find.

On the other hand, have you ever noticed that there are some people who always have a long line of people willing to help?  They don’t need help very often, but when they do, lots of assistance shows up.  There’s a reason for that… It’s all in the way they respond.

You might need professional support, money, a borrowed item, a hide-out, or advice.  Maybe you asked for help, maybe you didn’t.  Regardless of the type of help you need, there are only a few basic responses for colleagues, friends, family and even total strangers.

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