Project Management Made Simple

clouds and goal

What does it really take to run a project successfully?  I hear that question on a regular basis.  It sometimes surprises me, because the answer is really very simple.

Don’t get me wrong… Most project managers work very hard.   This job is the closest thing most of us will ever come to juggling angry kittens.   Even small projects have lots of “what ifs” and “yes, buts”.  While some large projects can take years, small projects might be finished in a matter of days.  No matter the size, here’s the action framework to keep in mind.

First, make progress toward goal(s).  

Nothing else matters if you’re not proceeding toward one or more of your goals.  Job one for all project managers should be to understand ALL the goals of the project, from all stakeholders.  Job two is to understand – and clearly communicate – the priority for those goals.  There will be conflicts, which you are there to resolve.  Understand your goals and priorities BEFORE you start the project and you will have an all-purpose roadmap for resolving issues along the way.

Another Loose Thread for Cord Cutters

Unraveled Wires

The current incarnation of Aereo isn’t the “future of television” I’ve been hoping for, but it is sawing through one more thread in the process of cutting the cord on cable television.

About four years ago in a fit of pique over bad reception and high prices, we ditched cable. We did what more and more people have been doing over the last several years, becoming cord cutters. We subscribed to Netflix and Hulu Plus, and bought a couple of pancake antennas for local channels. The quality of what we watch went up immediately. Last week, I finally bought the little jewel known as Chromecast and am surprised to find that it gives me even more choices that I’m actually interested in, right on the family room screen.

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