The Slow, But Steady Demise of Cable

Frayed Cable

Almost four years ago in a fit of pique over bad reception and high prices, we ditched cable television. It was very satisfying to take our cable boxes and remotes down to the cable company and say, “Here, we’re done with these.” The woman in the service center wasn’t really our antagonist, so we just politely told her why we were ditching our service, and as we were leaving she good-naturedly said, “Good luck, but feel free to come back if you miss us.”

We haven’t gone back yet.

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Leadership Lessons from the Herd

Ever wonder how a flock of birds knows when to change direction?  What about a herd of deer which seem to zigzag through a field?  By taking a look at the behavior of other species, we can learn some lessons about leadership, and apply them to become better managers.  I’ve identified four keys which influence animal behavior, with implications for how you can better influence your team.

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