Leadership Lessons from Backgammon

Backgammon Board 06-15-2014

Do you play backgammon?  After years of not playing, I pulled our board out of the closet recently.  Since then, I’ve been thinking about the game, and even playing a little on my iPad.  Like with so many other games, I like to think about the life lessons one can learn; maybe it’s because I’m a geek, or maybe it’s a justification for playing a game on my iPad.

Here are the leadership lessons I see in backgammon:

Think it through.   For those of you who don’t know the game, I’ll give the simplest possible explanation:  The point of the game is to roll two dice and move your pieces around the board.  When you roll, of course you could just pick up any of your game pieces and move them to an open slot, without any consideration of what might happen next.  However, backgammon, like leadership, is a game of strategy.   Continue reading

Social Media at Work: How Much is Too Much?

Social Media at Work Dec 2013It amazes me how often this question arises among millennials:  How much time is too much for social media at work?

Social media is like having real friends.  If you spent your entire work day socializing in the break room or chatting on your phone… well, you would get fired.

So seriously, how much time is enough?  How much is too much? Continue reading