The Time-Vamp of Social Media

Cell Phone Ignore November 2013 MedI heard a great question the other day:  “How much time can you spend on social media without neglecting work or family?”

Think of it this way: Social media is like having real friends.  Let’s consider work first.  If you spent your entire work day socializing in the break room or chatting on your phone… well, you would get fired.  It’s good to be friendly with the people you work with – you should spend 10-20% of your work day networking with people in your company or industry.  But, except for brief check-ins for making plans, non-work “friends” should be addressed in your non-work time.

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Want to Make an Ad Compelling? Make it Disappear

Disappearing Billboard

I started my career as a journalist.  Even now, I love looking back over the articles I’ve written.  I like that people can still find that content and that it might be meaningful to them days or weeks or months or years later.  As a result, I’m not sure I get Snapchat.  Or maybe, I’m not sure I want to get Snapchat.

Earlier this week, Henry Blodget made a prediction that Snapchat’s revenue play is going to be…. wait for it… advertising.

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